At the moment we are working on a HUGE (!) new update for Tiny Thor. We overhauled the complete GUI. Here is a gif where you can see the old and the entirely new version:
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2013 was amazing. Toady I’ve surpassed 5’000’000 Downloads with all games and app stores combined. » more

Last weekend Emmanuel and I joined the Ludum Dare game contest and we developed a game from scratch in 72 hours. » more

Today I crossed the two million total downloads mark. This is a pretty cool milestone for a small indie developer. » more

This is how I did a platform game in three weeks that reached more than 150 000 game sessions within the first two weeks.

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Today Facebook and Twitter is everywhere. And I really like those social networks. A few years ago I used RSS Feeds as my main source of daily news and information. Today I check my Twitteraccount and lists. And Facebook is a great way to keep contact with people you don’t interact with everyday like former colleagues and friends.
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Yes, it’s done. We just hit the app stores with Captain Backwater. He’s live on Google Play and iTunes.

Now, help us spread the word, on Twitter, on Facebook, tell your friends about it. But most important: Play it and have fun! It’s free!

Arrr…. (Captain Backwater, 2012)

Last week I submitted the iOS Version of Captain Backwater to the App Store. I really hope it will be live by the weekend (Go, Apple, go!). During this time I prepared everything for the Android port.

I’m also working on a flash-based version for Kongregate and Mochi right now. I really hope that a browser-based port will help to spread the word. We’ll see…

Last year I released my puzzle game Captain Backwater on Windows, Linux and OS X. A lot of people told me the gameplay would work well on touch devices. So one or two months ago I started to port the game to iOS and Android.
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May 1, 2012

Our game Animal Run was reviewed on

The page has a lot of good articles on apps for kids, so make sure to have a look at it.