One week ago I started to have a deeper look into Haxe. One of the first things I realized was, that on OS X a bugfree, enterprise-like IDE is missing, so I thought to have a look at VIM. » more

A lot of people liked Absolute Blue – the 2D retro space shoot’em’up game from Emmanuel and myself. I just googled for Absolute Blue and found some really nice feedback on boards: » more

I recently wondered why a lot of webmasters don’t care about the loading speed of their website requests. Most are thinking it’s not that important. But it is, because it really improves the user experience. » more

Sales statistics
November 9, 2010

I just thought to share some sales stats of my games/software. Only directed sales from my homepage are included. No special offers for marketing campaigns or retail deals are included. Remember that the fullversions of Absolute Blue and Psychoballs are available for free since around one year: So no sales during the last year. Here we go: » more