As mentioned in one of my previous articles, a programmer should often use asserts to detect errors and bugs early. The problem with assertions is, that if you run your code, and the lines are not executed you’ll never get noticed about the problem. » more

A very common problem in programming is to calculate prime numbers fast.

There are a lot of interesting ways to solve this problem. I want to show you some solutions without the need for a complex algorithm. This type of solutions can also be applied to a lot of problems that may occur during your daily work. » more

I usually create a prototype before I start to work on a new game. I also prototype complex features quick and dirty at first. Why is this important? » more

Using right shifts, you can compute the next power of two of an 32-bit integer in a very effective way: » more

A programmer should often use assertions, so he is able to detect errors as soon as they occur.

In C++ the standard assert-macro doesn’t allow for an additional message. But with a simple workaround, you can print out additional information when the assertion occurs: » more

Flashback – The Quest for Identity was released in 1992. It was the sequel to Another World. » more

Sometimes it is required to flip the bytes of an integer. For example some image formats stores the chunks in ABGR format, so you have to flip them for use in OpenGL or Direct3D. » more

I recently got asked how to measure time in C++ in milliseconds. Surprise, surprise: It’s very easy: » more

Psychoballs Update
January 11, 2011

I just uploaded a brand new update of Psychoballs. » more

Memory Access Violation
January 9, 2011

On some Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems Absolute Blue won’t run. It leaves with the message Memory Access Violation during loading the game. A lot of users have already complained about this problem, but it was hard for me to come up with a solution, because I only own Windows XP myself.

A player of Absolute Blue had found out how to solve this problem: » more