Yesterday I started to play around with monkey. A language that allows you to create apps on multiple platforms.

At the moment the following targets are supported: HTML5, Flash, Native OpenGL/OpenAL (Windows/Mac), Android, iOS, XNA.

The concept of the language is very good, so I’m sure there will be more targets and libs created by the community soon.

Today, I started to work on a small asteroids-like game to get more used to the language, and this little game is the result that I achieved in around 4 hours.

The full source code is available at GitHub. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If you’ve made any improvements, please let me know.

  1. Kaffee (2011-03-07 00:00)

    Nice work! And yes – please put the source on github! Thanks :)

  2. Corummo (2011-03-07 00:15)

    Very nice result. Even better if considering it comes from 4 hours of coding. 😉

  3. Aodhan (2011-03-07 04:01)

    Nice work :)I’d really like to see the source too!

  4. joe (2011-03-07 04:24)

    I’ve uploaded the source to github. Enjoy!

  5. Paul R (2011-03-07 06:01)

    Nice game given the time it took to write.It does suffer some slow down if you hold down x and press a key to rotate at the same time (latest firefox on ubuntu) even when there are not many asteroids on the screenAlso does not work on the latest version of chrome (version 9) on ubuntu.

  6. Paul R (2011-03-07 06:09)

    Opps I lied it does work on chrome! Just took forever to load.

  7. Tomislav Jakopec (2011-03-07 11:33)

    Had no problems on Chrome at all.Works well.Fun game, what’s everyone’s highest score so far?

  8. Kamal (2011-03-07 13:54)

    Inspiring HTMLWould like to see the source…

  9. kien lai (2011-03-07 22:58)

    You wrote the code in 4 hours?! The html5 game is sweet. I really appreciate you providing the code. First thing I’m looking at when I get home from work. Tux for sharing.

  10. Jasmine (2011-03-08 03:01)

    Ugly – it looks like VB. Does that mean we have yet another language which will result in a universe of lousy code?

  11. Jasmine (2011-03-08 03:02)

    BTW, that comment is about the language, not your project. The game is very nice! It does show off what can be done in a short amount of time.

  12. edison (2011-03-08 03:15)

    its a good afford to code a 4 hour game but it take all of my cpu usage .

  13. Evan Mullins (2011-03-08 03:40)

    Nice going! Very well done ~ especially as a first experiment, thanks for sharing

  14. ThorN (2011-03-08 05:20)

    Like it, thanks for sharing it

  15. SESO (2011-03-08 10:15)

    Wow, It’s amazing! Thanks to sharing the source : )

  16. タオ チューン (2011-03-08 15:10)

    Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Faizan Kazi (2011-03-09 14:41)

    nice! collosally awesome waste of time 😉

  18. joe (2011-03-09 17:21)

    thanks to all for the nice feedback!

  19. jesus Castanon (2011-03-09 20:52)

    Nice Work! Thanks for sharing the source. It’s incredible in only four hours.

  20. Ozkar (2011-03-14 06:01)

    Great! Thanks for sharing the code, it really helps me out, since im recently triying to understand game programming (have only done apps before) :D! thanks for sharing!

  21. Christina (2011-03-17 23:31)

    Very nice. With only 4houers coding. I like it a lot and it made fun. I am keen to have a look in the code.greetings

  22. PROBLEM (2011-03-18 00:41)

    PROBLEM: Pressing X scrolls down my browser.

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  24. Ebooks (2011-03-18 22:16)

    Impressionnant pour 4 heures de labeur!

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  26. Jasmin Suma (2011-04-06 01:49)

    I liked the game though my score is lowest(I think so…:-))but its really nice work to be done within very short time….Impressive

  27. Emme (2011-04-10 15:35)

    Man, those pixels are from what, 1996 😀 ?

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  29. YogurtMaster (2011-06-27 23:55)

    It’s too slow, I am using Chrome 12 and it was just too slow and unplayable. It took too long to load and it was too slow. Looked like 5 frames per second.

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