The last few weeks I worked hard on some basic engine and tools stuff for rapid prototyping new game ideas. Most things of my codebase works like a charm now and I just started to begin work on a first prototype and a simple level editor tool. This game will contain innovative controls where you’re able to launch particles to move objects. Please check out the following video to get an idea of it:

As soon as I finished the prototype, the game will be available here for free for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you have cool ideas for this type of game, please let me know.

  1. DJ Dennis (2010-06-01 22:15)

    wow! this game is like a blowjob by a teenaged brazilian girl in the public!I realy like it very much!time to change the pants…

  2. Emme (2010-06-12 07:38)

    It sure looks like another greatgame from Joe !

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