June 19, 2010

I have finished Aiolos – a new prototype of a game idea I had. A game with interessting controls. As I promised this game is completly free for you and I have it ready for Mac OS X and Windows.
Now it’s up to you: Download it, have fun, and let me know if you like it, what I can improve and even what you don’t like.

  1. Kim (2010-06-28 00:38)

    I think there should be a feature to save levels so you do not have to start from the beginning each time you return to the game.

  2. vgun (2010-10-17 04:58)

    very cool game.I’m 100% aware its a prototype, but im not sure if this is welcome: I hit one of the 45-degree-angle walls and it went either up or down, not diag. ;)I’m a fan of physics-orientated games (all hail idsoftware). Aiolos is great. Can’t wait to see a 3D background/textures version of it. Ever think of hosting your stuff on Steam? They support devs such as yourself. _______________BTW, I absolutely LOVE your Absolute Blue. I was religious about R-Type back in the NES days :D…. Still to this day I look for games like it, thats how I found yours. Thanks for making it free!I posted about AB here because there wasn’t a blog for it :(GG!

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