At the moment we are working on a HUGE (!) new update for Tiny Thor. We overhauled the complete GUI. Here is a gif where you can see the old and the entirely new version:
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Captain Backwater Trailer
October 14, 2011

I just finished the brand new gameplay trailer for my latest game Captain Backwater. » more

Hoist up the Jolly Roger
October 10, 2011

Captain Backwater is released. This is one of the most exciting parts of developing his own games. The day of the release. The day when you find out if the players love or hate your game. » more

The final steps
September 8, 2011

Captain Backwater is more near to completion than ever before. So, what happend during the last two months?

First of all I was in holidays in Mallorca with some good friends for 10 days. It was planned to stay there for 7 days but we missed our plane back home (note to myself: never book a return flight again that starts off early in the morning). » more

Captain Backwater, the new indie hit puzzle game, is near completion. This sunday evening I will start a closed beta test. For this I need you to have a look at the game and provide some useful feedback (if you’d like to).
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…at least now there is one I really like. » more

Captain Backwater is a puzzle / brain-teaser game that @Emme73 and I develop in our spare time. » more

June 19, 2010

I have finished Aiolos – a new prototype of a game idea I had. A game with interessting controls. As I promised this game is completly free for you and I have it ready for Mac OS X and Windows. » more

The last few weeks I worked hard on some basic engine and tools stuff for rapid prototyping new game ideas. Most things of my codebase works like a charm now and I just started to begin work on a first prototype and a simple level editor tool. This game will contain innovative controls where you’re able to launch particles to move objects. » more