Last weekend Emmanuel and I joined the Ludum Dare game contest and we developed a game from scratch in 72 hours. » more

Today I crossed the two million total downloads mark. This is a pretty cool milestone for a small indie developer. » more

This weekend I released my new app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch: Bass Constructor. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own club/dance/house hit record without any prior knowledge this app is for you.

It was the best app start I’ve ever had and people seem to LOVE this little gem.
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I recently released my new app Beat_Machine for iOS. A fun drumpad-computer simulation with great sounds. Here are the first reviews I got from my users so far. Thank you so much:
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The final steps
September 8, 2011

Captain Backwater is more near to completion than ever before. So, what happend during the last two months?

First of all I was in holidays in Mallorca with some good friends for 10 days. It was planned to stay there for 7 days but we missed our plane back home (note to myself: never book a return flight again that starts off early in the morning). » more

Since serveral weeks now I’m not able to use my facebook account anymore. I flaged my account as developer account about a month or two. When you’re in the facebook test developer network you can’t communicate with others. So I left the network again, but it doesn’t work out so fine. I don’t have the “Leave”-Button anymore, but I neither can’t communicate nor I’m able to visit other users profiles, so I guess internally my acc is still flaged. » more