Sprite sheets are very important in game development (and they can also be very useful in web development). With the right tool creating them is a no-brainer. » more

April 1, 2011

Gameforge, the company I’m working for, will release a new browser-based action-RPG very soon, called Hellbreed. » more

One of the best adventure games of all time is without a doubt Lucas Arts’ Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. » more

Yesterday I started to play around with monkey. A language that allows you to create apps on multiple platforms. » more

Sometimes it is useful if you are able to access fields of a struct or class as an array. » more

If you have functions with lots of parameters you should consider using a struct or class and pass the parameters by reference. » more

When Defender Of The Crown was released in 1986 it had the best graphics ever seen in a home computer game. » more

Dropbox is a free file synchronization/backup service where you can backup, save and share files. One of the best things is, that you can use it as git remote server. » more

Sometimes it could be very useful to be able to test private members or methods in your unit tests. But how could this be achieved? » more

If you are a gamer since the good old Amiga-times and if you’re also a soccer-fan you will know Kick Off 2 for sure. » more