Flashback – The Quest for Identity was released in 1992. It was the sequel to Another World.
(Edit: @8bitCHEVREUIL told me, that it was NOT the sequel.)

The game is a jump’n’run game with lots of adventure elements. It used polygons for the sprites, which was very revolutionary at this time, and so the animation was very smooth.

At the begin of the game, Conrad wakes up on a strange place without remembering anything. He tries to regain his memories and discovers that aliens disguise themselves as governmental officials.

Flashback has action, puzzles and a lot of cool cut-scenes. It’s definitely worth a play, even today, nearly 20 years after the first release.

  1. Emme (2011-02-04 02:31)

    That one rocks.Its a worthy successor and has a great art style.French guys are cooler 🙂

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