If you are a gamer since the good old Amiga-times and if you’re also a soccer-fan you will know Kick Off 2 for sure.

Kick Off was designed by Dino Dini and released by Anco for Amiga in 1989.

Unlike many other soccer games the ball did not stick to the player’s feet but instead was realistically kicked ahead from the players, thus making a tackle a matter of skill rather than of choice.

It required some practice to get used to this behavior, but the controls were brilliant and allowed for a lot of different things like dribbling, shooting, passing.

If you’ve kicked the ball you can add after touch. By using aftertouch you can chip & bend the ball.

Kick Off 2 is most fun when played against other human players.

Each year there is a world-championship where a lot of players meet to compete against each other.

Gianluca Troiano created Throw In, a modern remake with the classic gameplay. The game is free and you should definitely check it out – it’s a lot of fun.


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