Since serveral weeks now I’m not able to use my facebook account anymore. I flaged my account as developer account about a month or two. When you’re in the facebook test developer network you can’t communicate with others. So I left the network again, but it doesn’t work out so fine. I don’t have the “Leave”-Button anymore, but I neither can’t communicate nor I’m able to visit other users profiles, so I guess internally my acc is still flaged.

Ok, so if you have a problem with facebook, that is not listed in the help area – you have a REAL problem. It seems impossible to reach a support person of facebook who can help you or, at least, can tell you if the problem will get fixed or not. I guess if you use the contact forms in the help area your message is put directly into trash.

So, okay let’s try to use the community boards. I found a few people having the same problem as I, so I also posted a message in the relating threads. The results are the same: Facebook is not interessted in my problems. Probably because they still have another 500 millions users if I have to leave their network because I can’t use my account anymore.

So, what’s next? Facebook has a bug tracker, where you can post issues. I found the exact problem already reported, so I added a comment, that I’m also facing this problem. Guess what happend? Nothing! Thank you, Facebook!

  1. vgun (2010-10-17 04:29)

    Facebook is totally noob commercial bullsh!t. I have been a myspace user (the original networking site) forever; Because of myspaces’ 100% freedom to layout every pixel of the site. BUT… unfortunately as we speak they are now offering a global change to thier users (known currently as beta 3.0) and if it is widely used they will switch permantly over to it and us savvy designers wont be able to custom layout anymore. I personally blame facebook for this. Statistics show that all the uneducated web surfers out there preferred facebooks’ bland crap pages (and now have a friggin movie), so now myspace and other sites see them as a successful example and assume they should follow suit :/ LAME.

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