First Person Tetris
April 5, 2011

I just stumbled over a small very weird, but funny tetris variant written in Flash. It’s called First Person Tetris.

It’s very similar to tetris except that if you rotate a tile, the screen around will rotate and not the tile itself.

  1. Mark Haferkamp (2011-04-05 09:23)

    I’ve played this before and night mode helped me a lot once I got a feel for where the walls are. After getting oriented to the control system, the biggest challenge is dealing with the difficult combinations of pieces, like in regular Tetris.

  2. Andreas (2011-04-11 21:05)

    Very nice version. Just like Mark said before, if you get the hang of it, it’s basically Tetris. I almost forgot about the surroundings after two or three minutes.

  3. Ozkar (2011-04-13 18:22)

    holy.. got really dizzy after the first 5 minutes playing it.. xD it’s a really good experiment though.. night mode is addictive :V

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