Sprite sheets are very important in game development (and they can also be very useful in web development). With the right tool creating them is a no-brainer.

My good friend @dennisosimon wrote an easy-to-use generator in Java (full source is available at gitHub). I used it to generate all the sprite sheets for my current game Captain Backwater. Here is a screenshot of the tool:


It’s easy to use, supports drag and drop and various alignments. I love it! And here’s how a generated sprite sheet looks like:


Captain Backwater speaking to the player (graphics by @Emme73)

  1. Breno Azevedo (2011-04-04 23:18)

    Excellent! I was looking for a tool that did this but every one of them I found available online didn’t quite do what we needed for quadratic-atlases like the ones used by Unity’s sprite animator (for animated particles on particle generators). Not even Sprite Manager 2 has this option, it packs textures using the default Unity packer which does some random ordering of textures. I’m really thankful for this, congratulations!

  2. Sam (2011-06-15 18:28)

    you may also want to check out http://www.darkfunction.com for a good spritesheet tool

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