What is your favorite IDE/Editor for coding C++? Well, it seems like some programmers prefer Paint over Visual Studio:

  1. Aodhan (2011-04-16 23:33)

    How does this even work? D:

  2. Donald Harris (2011-04-16 23:35)

    Thats fake I call Photoshop!

  3. Leonardo Millan (2011-04-16 23:51)

    Colors in bitmap format are saved as 24-bit RGB (three bytes), which means that in a single pixel you can store three different characters. Looking on a ASCII table you can find out which color values you should pick. Heh, it’s a pretty cool trick! Very nice!

  4. Gaurav Mishra (2011-04-22 19:34)

    Hey! LOVE THIS 😀 brilliant : )

  5. Flip van Rijn (2011-04-25 01:37)

    I’ve seen this image a while ago and I wanted to investigate this. At my blog (http://gamerwho.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/graphical-programming-ftw/) I show how you can make your own picture.

  6. Colin Ord (2012-01-23 14:07)

    For your interest check out 4D Barcodes. They use a similar kind of coloured dot pattern to hold upto three time the amount of data that a black and white 3D barcode uses to store data (QRCodes).

    I had similar thought of this a few years ago. Pity I didn’t document it then!

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