…at least now there is one I really like.


Jake Birkett from Grey Alien Games asked me a few weeks ago if I want to beta-test his latest game Spring Bonus. I told him, that I will have a look at it, but that I don’t like Match-3-Games very much.

When I started playing it I was very impressed by the quality and style of the art. The main-menu music is so lovely that I got stuck on the main menu just to listen to it.

I started playing and it felt like many other Match-3-Games out there, but as I progressed there were lots of interesting things introduced. There are a lot of special items (some even inspired me for new items for Captain Backwater). I also liked it that it got very challenging during the game. I was so impressed by the game, that I decided to ask Jake if I’m allowed to offer it through my own website and was very happy when he gave me the permission.

If you love Match-3-Games this one is a must-have. If you don’t like them, you should give Spring Bonus a try anyway.

Jake, you did an awesome job on this one!

  1. Wolf (2011-04-21 21:37)

    I’d like to see a Linux version of this.

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