Memory Access Violation
January 9, 2011

On some Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems Absolute Blue won’t run. It leaves with the message Memory Access Violation during loading the game. A lot of users have already complained about this problem, but it was hard for me to come up with a solution, because I only own Windows XP myself.

A player of Absolute Blue had found out how to solve this problem:

  1. Install Absolute Blue
  2. Before running, set compatibility mode to XP Sp3
  3. When the User Account Control Window pops up, you should grant permission.

Now, Absolute Blue, should load up and run properly.

  1. allison (2011-01-22 10:47)

    Still not working for me…I tried some other settings, and after checking ‘Disable visual themes’, ‘Disable desktop composition’ and ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ in addition to the instructions above, the game started up properly just once, but after that it was back to ‘Memory access violation’. Hoping someone will be able to find a solution.

  2. joe (2011-01-22 17:37)

    hmmm… that’s weird. you can send me the logfile ‘log.txt’ in the program directory with your system configuration to my email, if you like, and i will have a look into it.

  3. Dakaggo (2011-01-22 18:50)

    You need to use those settings before you run it for the first time as far as I can tell. Does it do something the first time you run it that isn’t done later?

  4. Dakaggo (2011-01-22 19:05)

    Oh wait actually scratch that. For me it ONLY worked the first time with those settings on.

  5. joe (2011-01-22 19:59)

    arghh… i hate this very strange bug!!! if only i would be able to reproduce it on my system…

  6. Nicole (2011-01-22 21:40)

    For me the solution was to check compatibility to XP SP3 AND check off “run in 640 x 480 screen resolution”Game works perfectly now. I use windows 7.

  7. allison (2011-01-22 23:21)

    Just reinstalled to try it out again, and the error changed to ‘Unknown runtime exception’ this time a few more times and got ‘Memory access violation’ again, ..the other logfiles are almost identical, they cut off at around 96%Any other information I can provide?

  8. joe (2011-01-22 23:25)

    You can also try the following:Create a new empty file in the game directory (for example in: C:\Program Files\Absolute Blue) and name it 16bit.mode. This will force Absolute Blue to run in 16-BIT-Graphics Mode – probably it’s a problem with the graphic mode.

  9. dbius (2011-01-23 00:08)

    joe: Compatibility mode (xp sp3) AND 16bit.mode together did the trick for me.Now I can play with the game under Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit.Thanks!

  10. joe (2011-01-23 00:10)

    @dbius great to hear, i hope you’ll have a little bit of fun with absolute blue.

  11. dbius (2011-01-23 00:17)

    joe: Sure I’ll have, and my kids will have too :)I highly appreciate your work!

  12. rride (2011-01-23 03:00)

    Nothing of the above made the game run properly. @joe if you provide a PDB and somehow enable stack trace dumping, I can help you to figure out what’s happening

  13. dbius (2011-01-23 04:26)

    joe: UPDATE: :(On my son’s computer (Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with Ati HD5670 vga) doesn’t work with compatibility mode and 16bit.mode.Loading ends with unknown runtime exception.

  14. CrimsonCoconut (2011-01-23 07:58)

    Hey all, Vista user here. Really wanting to try this game but having trouble as well.On the Compatibility tab in Properties, it won’t even let me pick SP3, only 1, 2, and 5. Anyone having this trouble?I’ve tried everything else listed here.. Well,hope we can work this out because the game looks awesome!

  15. allison (2011-01-23 22:53)

    16bit.mode fix didn’t work for me either…BTW, fellow programmer here, if there’s anything else I can do to help debug, just let me know.

  16. Louis (2011-01-24 14:23)

    Does not work for me either. I also only have the option to select xp sp2 (and not 3)…

  17. David Brown’s Free Play: | Dealspwn (2011-01-24 19:01)

    […] main problem with Absolute Blue is that it might well not work for you. You’ll need to read this to avoid Memory Access Violation errors upon loading if you’re using Windows Vista or 7. Even […]

  18. Kal (2011-01-25 03:24)

    This won’t work for me either, even if I do all of the above recommendations. I’m running Windows 7.

  19. Ganix (2011-01-27 09:42)

    Great Game.I’m using Windows Vista.Using Compatibility Mode I don’t have option XP Sp3, or option Windows XP (Service Pack 3)I can run your game using optionsWindows XP (Service Pack 2)Run in 640 x 480 screen resolutionI use my mouse playing your game. It’s annoying when the mouse pointer moves backwards to the left edge of the screen.But it’s still a great game to play. Thank you for your free game.

  20. Ketan (2011-01-30 01:32)

    I had to uninstall it then reinstall it and set compaitibility to XP SP3 before I launch it for the first time. Now it’s working.(Windows 7 64bit)

  21. Salem (2011-02-01 07:18)

    I’m having problems with Psycoballs too. What a pity, your games looks really cool!

  22. Boromeus (2011-06-02 07:56)


    I just bought the german PC-Games and on the bonus DVD is your game. But unfotunately I also can’t solve the problem. Or at least I got a new one. When I use compability mode the game tries to start but then I get the pop-up “gfx/misc/loading.jpg not found! – anyway wich compability I use. Reinstall didn’t solve the problem and the file is at the right place.
    Any ideas what to do next??


  23. Stellan (2011-06-03 08:27)

    Hi there,

    using Vista 64 and game won’t work for me either…
    Switching to Compatibility XP SP2 has no effect, all other options (2000, 98, 95…) also have no effect. Resolution 640×480 and other options (disable visual effects…) won’t make the game run…
    The game hangs up loading, quiting at about 96 percent…
    Strange: Everytime I reinstall, the changes I made for the starting .exe reappear?!? Are there any registry entries that should be deleted manually?

    Thanx in advance


  24. Herbert (2011-07-22 10:23)

    For me it worked perfectly on Windows 7 x64 when setting the compatibility mode and run as admin _on the installer_ after downloading. It will then install in compatibility mode. Neither setting compatibility mode on the installed executable nor creating a 16bit.mode file worked for me, but running the installer in compatibility mode worked for me. hth someone.

  25. Cliff (2011-09-11 19:17)

    How do you save the game, running OK but cannot save

  26. Simon (2011-10-28 12:08)

    Hi, I’m running Windows Vista (32 bit), and I only have XP compatibility mode with SP 2, no 3. I’ve tried every option, deactivating visual designs, screen resolution to 640×480, I even runned as admin!
    Also the 16bit.mode file didn’t change anything. What should I do to play that great game?

  27. Joe (2011-11-01 00:51)

    @Cliff – It save automatically after each planet.
    @Simon – Have you tried what Herbert suggested running the INSTALLER as ADMIN?

  28. Simon (2011-11-04 18:58)

    the installer must automatically be runned as ADMIN, so I did

  29. Timoneda (2011-12-24 20:05)

    Ok, i tried ALL and nothing works.

    The first time i run the game in compatibility mode runs ok, but just the first time. 16bit.mode mades the game crash earlier. Installing as admin makes no change.
    640, desktop composition, etc. does nothing.

    Any ideas?

  30. cnaltman62 (2011-12-26 03:28)

    (Running Win7 64bit) I tried every single solution suggested here, and none of them worked.
    I tried running it as an admin in XP SP3 Compatimility mode.
    I tried running it in 640×480 on top of that.
    I tried adding a 16bit.mode file.
    I tried uninstalling and running the installer as an admin.
    I still can’t get it to run. It continues to throw up a “Memory access violation” or an “Unknown runtime exception” error message.

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