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November 9, 2010

I just thought to share some sales stats of my games/software. Only directed sales from my homepage are included. No special offers for marketing campaigns or retail deals are included. Remember that the fullversions of Absolute Blue and Psychoballs are available for free since around one year: So no sales during the last year. Here we go:

  • Absolute Blue: 229 Sales
  • Psychoballs: 229 Sales
  • Replay: 1530 Sales
  • Temple Of Tangram: 23 Sales
  • Smash Particle Engine: 14 Sales

Total Revenue paid out to me: € 31,964.60

Edit: As some important questions were asked on TIGSource and the Indiegamer Board, I’ll try to answer them here in my blog.

Psychoballs first sales were in August 2004, Absolute Blue’s in April 2005. Temple Of Tangram was released in September 2006 and Replay in January 2004 (but with another name, I had to rename it later due to trademark law issues).

Replay was quite successful although it was just a software I wrote for myself in a few evenings.

I never accomplished it to get lots of direct sales for my games, although they had done quite okay on some portals.

I’ve done some basic marketing stuff like press releases, specials, small ad campaigns, link exchanges and so on. I got some nice coverage in the press but nothing that had an really big impact on sales.

Especially Temple Of Tangram was very disappointing – because we put a lot of effort in this game and I still like it. (A new improved version (Windows, Mac, Linux) is available here.).

I stopped selling Absolute Blue and Psychoballs about a year ago and offered it it on my website for free. The sales were down and I wanted to concentrate on something else, so I thought it would be really cool to make it free. It generated a few downloads (I don’t have exact numbers at the moment), but not too much. I think because I didn’t promoted it prominently.

As for Replay I removed it completly. There are a lot of good tools in this area and I’m currently not interessted in investing my time into app development (I love game development too much).

  1. richtaur (2010-11-09 04:45)

    “available for free since around one year” Just curious why you did that. Did you introduce a different business model?

  2. Christopher 'Jack' Nilssen (2010-11-09 06:23)

    Congratulations on the income!I notice that “Replay” is not on your games page? Could you link me to it, please? Thank you for posting and being transparent!

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  4. joe (2010-11-10 07:25)

    I have updated the blog post to answer some of the questions 😉

  5. Ozkar (2011-04-06 03:44)

    What’s “Replay” Exactly? As the post says, a software you wrote for yourself, but is it some kind of engine or something?the numbers make it look really interesting though x). btw O_O congratz on the income! keep on the hard work!

  6. joe (2011-04-06 05:22)

    No, it was a MP3/Shoutcast-Stream Player with easy recording facilities. Here is a screenshot:

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