The final steps
September 8, 2011

Captain Backwater is more near to completion than ever before. So, what happend during the last two months?

First of all I was in holidays in Mallorca with some good friends for 10 days. It was planned to stay there for 7 days but we missed our plane back home (note to myself: never book a return flight again that starts off early in the morning). Here is a picture we took in the Megapark:
Mallorca 2011 – I’m the one with Dennis’ hand on my face.

Back home I first analysed and organized the feedback of the nearly 200 beta-testers. The feedback was great, but it was also a lot of work to put every bug report and every feature idea into my issue tracker.

Then I worked on a lot of minor and major bugfixes and thought about which features and ideas I wanted to implement into the final game. On the map screen the player now has two paths he can select from.

The main path contains the path to treasure and fame. During game progression the player can collect hidden coins and catch some bananas. With those the player can buy/unlock levels on the second path, where he can rescue Captain Backwaters big love Mary’o’Malley.

I also worked many, many hours on level design. The final game will contain 100 levels (80 + 20), but I will hopefully release level-packs later on and I also hope that the players will create lots of cool user-generated-levels using the easy-to-use level editor.

Whats left is that I have to design the 20 bonus levels, then re-balance some of them and whats left after that is some polishing.

Last but not least Emmanuel from Graveyard Dogs is working right now on the last missing graphics.

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