The most boring game ever
February 1, 2011

I just discovered the most boring game ever: It’s called Desert Bus.

In Desert Bus you are a bus driver on your way to Las Vegas. There are no cars or obstacles on the road. The bus veers slowly to the right, so you have to keep tapping the controller to straighten it. If you get off the road, you will be transported back to the start.

One way takes about 8 hours (in realtime!) and you cannot pause the game. If you reach your destination you will get one point and you have to drive back instantly (yes, another 8 hours).

This makes Desert Bus not only the most boring game ever, but also the game with the longest playtime I guess.

A charity group played the game for over 5 days to raise money for an organization.

And now, watch the game in action:

  1. Ozkar (2011-02-01 08:48)

    hahahaha xD now this is made for truly hardcore gamers!

  2. joe (2011-02-02 04:10)

    yeah, what about an iOS/Android port? LOL

  3. Ozkar (2011-02-02 17:51)

    Would totally reach top ten in the market within minutes! haha!

  4. Colleen (2011-02-11 08:10)

    I dunno… that sounds pretty amazing to me!

  5. Basim (2011-03-09 10:41)

    Haha! I love such games, burst me laughing! 😛

  6. smexy bbz (2011-10-24 07:28)

    how do and where do you play the game?

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