Create your own puzzles for Psychoballs

Here you will find a level editor tool which allows you to create your own levels and puzzles for Psychoballs.

Attention: Please use this editor only with Psychoballs version 1.1. With older versions it won't work. Psychoballs has to be already installed on your system to use this editor.



Use the mouse and keyboard to use the editor. The main part of the editor is used to display the current level. With the left mouse button you can place the current selected element on the playfield. Using the right mouse button you can remove elements from the playfield. At the bottom you'll find a control panel with the following functions (from left to right):

Tile Overview

Use the arrow-icons (or the cursor keys) to change the current selected element. If you click directly on "Tiles Overview" a seperated screens will be opened where you can select a tile directly.


Use the arrows (or +/- on num block) to change the level.

Switch Layer

For each level there are 2 layers. One layer is the gamefield, on layer comprises some graphical elements. Hier you can switch the layers (the tiles at "Tiles Overview" are switching too).

Grid on/off

Turns the editor grid on/off.

Load Level

The last saved state of all levels are loaded.

Save Level

All levels are saved to the levels.dat file.


This will open a settings screen.

Ballsequence on/off

If you turn this switch on, the player has to remove the balls in a given colour sequence.

Level Game Time

Use this to set the time, that has the player to complete the level.


Use this, to set the time the player has to move an upcoming ball to the pathsystem.

Current Level

Navigate trough the levels.

Map Editor

This brings you back to the main editor screen.


Leaves the editor and returns back to Windows.

So you've created some cool levels?

If you have created some cool levels for Psychoballs, it would be great if you sent them over to me, so I can share them with other Psychoballs player all around the world (I will put them for download on the Extralevels Page. So, please send me an email with your levels attached to: