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About us

What do we do?

Our past

Intermediaware was founded in 2002 by Jochen Heizmann. The company released the world's first MP3 Webradio Recorder Replay and created Casual Games for Big Fish Games, DTP Entertainment, Koch Media and Jowood.

Besides that we've created big data web sites and applications for over a hundered customers. Some of those sites are still live today.

In 2011 Intermediaware released their first mobile applications and games. The Dubstep Song Construction Kit was released in 2012 and was downloaded over 4 Million times.

Since then we've created over 100 apps for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices. Those apps were downloaded over 15 million times.

The present

We have just released our first HTML5 games. They are cross-platform and offering native experiences in your desktop- or mobile-browser. We've played around with this technology for a long time and now we feel that this technolgy evolved enough to create really outstanding experiences.

Besides that we offer a full range of outsourcing services for the videogame industry including: Development, Process Automation, Art, Design and Audio Production.

The future

Intermediaware is currently focused on creating new great mobile and HTML5 game content. In the meantime our internal games studio Asylum Square is creating the best retro-inspired games for game consoles and desktop PCs.