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Feel free to play and test our HTML5 Games. All games listed below are available for non-exclusive licensing, branding and distribution.

Logic / Math Games



Afterglow is a new and challenging puzzle game that will put your gray cells to the test.

Amazing Path

Amazing Path

This game is a real work out for your brain. Maximum Brain Training!

A Lot Of Dots

A Lot Of Dots

This game will take your gray cells to the limits of endurance. Rumor has it that Mr. Spock plays this game on his long shuttle journeys!



This game blows the dust off your brain and makes it fit for the challenges of everyday life!

Shape Shift

Shape Shift

Swipe to move the cubes around to match the picture above. Easy to learn but hard to master.

Licensing / Sponsorship

Free updates • 24/7 support • Bulk purchase discounts • Cross-Platform (Mobile & Desktop)

Do you need to license mobile and web games for your business?

We offer a wide range of Premium HTML5 Games available for licensing. The games can be rebranded with your own brand and may contain your own advertising and links. We are constantly adding new games to our catalog. Our games are fully cross-platform. They run on all kind of mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) as well as on all modern web browsers. You can license any of our white-label products and we gladly reskin- or rebrand them for your needs.

Exclusive Licenses

If you are interested in exclusive licenses, please contact us.

Reskinning / Rebranding HTML5 Games

If you like one or serveral of our games, but you'd like to have it changed to another setting or want the game perfectly integrate with your brand, please contact us and request a quote. HTML5 Games are a great solution for lead generation or improve brand awareness. We offer that for very at an truly affordable price.

Native Games

If you like you are interested in licensing one of our native games, please contact us and request a quote.

Publisher / Distributors

If you are a Publisher or Distributor of HTML5 Games, plase contact us. We are always looking for great partners to distribute our HTML5 games!

We offer you the highest quality HTML5 games for players of all ages. Our games are built with our own custom technology so we have full control and flexibility to fit the platform integration requirements. Bulk licensing discounts are available, contact us now to learn more.

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